You're Almost Done: follow the three simple steps below to get your free book.

Step 1

GO to your email inbox. Look for the subject line:  “From Antonio”

Step 2

Click the button in that email that says "confirm subscription"

Step 3

If you don't see an email that says "From Antonio" follow the simple instructions below.

"Help! It's been 10 minutes and I haven't gotten an email with the subject line -  'From Antonio'"

First and foremost - watch the video below and follow all the instructions (the instructions are also written below the video).

  • Check your spam folder: Everyone's inbox is unique, the confirmation email may have been accidentally sent to spam. If this happened, mark the email 'not spam' and click the Confirm link inside the email
  • Check your Promo tab (if you use Gmail): Because I use ActiveCampaign to send my newsletter, Gmail sometimes puts my emails into the "Promo" tab even though they're content-based, especially the first time someone subscribes.  If this happened, just 'click & drag' the email to your Primary tab (it's on the far left)
  • Check that your email was typed correctly: I accidentally mis-type my email all the time, which can result in not subscribing properly.  If you think you mis-typed your email, add your first name and email to the form below and click "Download Now!"