Episode Summary

On this episode of Escaping the Rabbit Hole, I talk to a Heather, a marriage and family therapist.

Heather talks about her personal experience with conspiracy theorists within her family. Heather shares useful information on how traumatic events can have an impact on your immune system and digs into some therapeutic techniques that can help you to cope with your family.

Heather grew up in the 90s and loved Disney, but her household changed when her mother became involved in a group that believed Disney was leading children to worship Satan. 

Notable moments from the episode
  • Discover the common “mineral” responsible for 99% of paranoid conspiracy delusions (every right wing broadcaster convinces their audience to stock up on this stuff) [00:03:01]
  • The Innocent “Scary Fairy" tales Heather refuses to let her kids listen to (they can cause kids to fall down the rabbit hole head first) [00:17:45]
  • “…I'm not Jesus. I'm not here to save everybody…” — How Heather protects herself and her kids by doing the opposite of what most therapists do when it came to her conspiracy theory addicted family [00:06:47]
  • Conspiracy theories can be written off as paranoid delusions, right? WRONG! Stumble onto the exact reason paranoid beliefs from the 1990s are being validated [00:15:26]
  • The “Christmas Day" secret to salvage your mental health when dealing with crazy family members (you can use this on any day…not just Christmas!) [00:22:10]
  • Struggling to set healthy boundaries? Ask these 6 little known questions to keep toxic people at bay [00:27:58]

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Quotes We Loved

  • Mental Health and Setting Boundaries: "If I walked away from being a therapist tomorrow and I never practiced again, it would have been worth it because of the skill sets and the tools I learned to set kind boundaries and to love my family and still be mentally healthy."— Heather r [00:05:59 to 00:06:32]
  • The Dark Side of Disney: "They decided that Disney was evil and that they were trying to persuade children to worship Satan."  [00:01:05 to 00:02:06]

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Escaping The Rabbit Hole
Escaping The Rabbit Hole

Former conspiracy theorist, Antonio Perez, discusses how to deal with family and friends that have fallen down the rabbit hole.

About the Author

Antonio Perez, author of Converting Conspiracy Theorists, is a former conspiracy theorist.  He helps friends and family members of conspiracy theorists to improve their mental and emotional health, and to set clear healthy boundaries with their conspiracy theory addicted loved ones.

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