I'd love to know two things:

1) What do you want to gain by listening to this podcast?

2) What would you like to accomplish in regards to your loved one that is trapped in QAnon and other dangerous conspiracy theories?

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Welcome to escaping the rabbit hole hosted by former conspiracy theorist Antonio Perez. author of Converting conspiracy theorists. Antonio looks at conspiracy theories from multiple angles, such as how do conspiracy theorists impact family and friends, how can they escape the grip of conspiracy theories? And why do they fall down the rabbit hole in the first place? You'll discover strategies to set clear boundaries with people stuck in dangerous conspiracy theories and improve your mental well-being. Here's your host, Antonio Perez,

Antonio [00:00:35]:

Aloha. My name's Antonio Perez. I'm a former conspiracy theorist. I'm the author of this book Converting conspiracy theorist how to rescue anyone from dangerous and destructive conspiracy theories. You can actually find this on Amazon. My website is escaping the rabbit hole dot com. So this podcast, I started as a way to kinda throwing like a wide net I started as a way. I started interviewing family members of conspiracy theorist to see how it's, their family members have been unpacking them. I've interviewed former conspiracy theorist to, maybe see how they kinda pulled out of conspiracy theories with the hope that interviewing a couple of them, I can see commonalities commonalities between them to see if they have a shared experience that, that can be taught maybe package into a model and talk to other people, help to help other conspiracy theorists kinda pull themselves out. And also with the hope by interviewing family members, or sorry, by interviewing people that have escape from conspiracy theories to maybe give hope to to bring hope to the world that it is possible. And I've also interviewed therapists, coaches, etcetera, that can shed some light into different ways to help family members of conspiracy. There is to maybe cope with a mental health with a blowback they've experienced by the family being in conspiracy theories or to even find a way to help conspiracy theorist pull out of it. So I've gotta I've got a question for you, or maybe it's gonna maybe it's a 2 part question. What do you hope to gain by listening to this podcast? And, 2, if you're a a family member of a conspiracy theorist, What what do you want to have ultimately happen? There's a couple things. do you do you want, to rescue your loved one, do you want them to, like, pop out of conspiracy theories, or are you wanting to maybe distance yourself from them or, like, improvement in health. So do me a favor and let me know in a comment below, or you can even message me on, or if you're friends with me on Facebook, I have my Facebook account here located below this this, audio, this video and contact me that way. So just let me know. What do you want to What do you hope to gain by listening to this podcast? And what's your ultimate goal in regards to conspiracy theories? Or if you have a loved one in conspiracy theories. Thank you for listening to this, and I look forward to, getting some feedback. I'll talk to you soon.

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Escaping The Rabbit Hole
Escaping The Rabbit Hole

Former conspiracy theorist, Antonio Perez, discusses how to deal with family and friends that have fallen down the rabbit hole.

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Antonio Perez, author of Converting Conspiracy Theorists, is a former conspiracy theorist.  He helps friends and family members of conspiracy theorists to improve their mental and emotional health, and to set clear healthy boundaries with their conspiracy theory addicted loved ones.

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